CLOC Accelerates Contract and Membership Approvals with ThinkSmart

ThinkSmart, a leader in Digital Transaction Management, today announced the implementation of its Transaction Automation Platform (TAP) at CLOC (Corporate Legal Operations Consortium) to successfully manage business processes including membership and event contract approvals. CLOC supports the use of tools and technology, like TAP, to drive efficient and effective best practice solutions for its corporate legal members.
As CLOC prepares for its inaugural Annual Corporate Legal Operations Institute conference in San Francisco, the organization sought a solution to manage the event’s corporate contract sponsorships and invoices. Several members of the CLOC leadership team already utilized TAP in their daily professional environments. Easily deployed and functional within days, the cloud-based TAP solution currently handles CLOC’s transactions including contract sponsorship approvals and payment initiation. A vital component of TAP is the integration of eSignatures throughout the workflow process, ensuring end-to-end digitization.
CLOC also uses TAP to manage the organization’s membership process to follow-up and contact potential new members. With TAP, CLOC has better insight into the full membership cycle from requests for information, new member applications and membership review and approval processes.
“CLOC advocates best practices using technology as a way to optimize legal operations departments to become more productive and efficient,” expressed Connie Brenton of the CLOC leadership team. “Automating business processes is a significant part of how legal professionals can improve their workload. Implementing ‘practice what we preach’, TAP was the best choice for CLOC in managing our memberships and sponsored events. The digital transaction management market continues to grow and enterprises of all sizes are realizing the benefits of digital automation,” said Paul Hirner, CEO, ThinkSmart. “We have worked closely with legal operations professionals who have contributed to developing key features of TAP and its future. As CLOC promotes industry standards, we are proud to be a solution encouraging its members to run corporate legal operations as a business.”
At the Annual Corporate Legal Operations Institute, join Legal Operations professionals in sharing best practices, connecting with diverse players in the ecosystem, identifying actionable solutions for legal departments, and helping map out the future of the industry. For more information on this CLOC event in San Francisco, California, May 2-4, 2016, please visit here. For more information on ThinkSmart’s Legal Operations solutions, visit and for more information on the company’s eSign partner solutions, visit
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