HighQ SmartLaw – what does the future of legal services look like?

HighQ has set up a new ‘SmartLaw portal’ to open up a debate on what lawyers and law firms need to do to prepare for the future of legal services.
In a blog launching the portal, HighQ’s business transformation and innovation architect Ryan McClead says: “We believe that a SmartLaw firm is focused on three keys to success: their clients, their culture, and their intelligent use of technology.” The portal contains resources and opinions on what the future holds for law as well as a quick quiz for firms to assess what their ‘SmartLaw score’ is and how they measure up against other firms. The answers are not stored and nothing can be traced back to the person taking the quiz.
McClead, who in 2015 joined HighQ from Norton Rose Fulbright, where he was legal technology innovation architect, adds in his opening post: “These three key areas are not independent pillars holding up the SmartLaw firm, but they actually overlap, intertwine, and work together:
•       Multi-point client relationships require intelligent technology and a supportive and open culture;
•       A vision-driven culture should be focused on your clients’ needs and should use appropriate technology to exceed them; and
•       Intelligent use of technology directly supports your inclusive and client focused culture.
“Whether your firm is 20 people or 20,000; you bill by the hour or flat fees; prefer mahogany desks or glass cubicles; BigLaw, NewLaw, or something in-between, we believe the smart move is to be SmartLaw.
“What do you believe lawyers and law firms need to do to prepare for the future of legal services, regardless of which philosophy they chose or which, if any, ultimately wins?”
You can access the portal at https://highq.com/smartlaw/