iManage unveils new document drop zone in iManage Share

iManage has unveiled a new document drop zone within its file sharing and collaboration solution iManage Share.
The EZ Drop Zone enables professional services providers, legal departments and other users of iManage to securely receive files from external parties.
Invitees can ‘drag and drop’ to upload files to a predetermined iManage Share folder or company inbox, without needing to create an account, define security access, or log in.
“While file-sharing services on the market focus primarily on outbound content, iManage Share delivers a solution that also provides the easiest, most secure way to receive important documents,” said Shawn Misquitta, iManage’s senior director of product management. “This new EZ Drop Zone feature removes all the extra time and steps typically required to receive materials from outside the organisation. Now, a one-button click provides a secure governed way to request and collect files from outside the organisation.”