Riverview launch their Virtual Assistants case management systems

Riverview Law has today rolled out the first two of its Virtual powered by the Kim technology platform (www.ask.kim). Aimed at in-house legal teams globally of any size, these Virtual Assistants aid the delivery of legal services across the business.

First they provide business users with an easy-to-use gateway to legal support, ensuring that consistent and full instructions are received and that data capture is automated. For the in-house team, they then provide case management, document storage and dashboards that provide actionable business insight (www.riverviewlaw.com/virtual-assistants/).

The Assistants feature comprehensive reporting. For example, at the click of a button in the In-house Assistant, a user can see how many live cases the legal team is working on, of what work types, which business units the matters have come from, the risk profile of all the cases, which legal team members are working on the matters and how long cases are taking by user and work type. It allows legal leaders to ask the right questions and improve operational efficiency.

The pricing model is designed to make it easy for in-house teams to buy and deploy these Virtual Assistants. Instruction and Triage Assistant is free for up to eight legal team users. In-house Assistant costs £1,400/US$2,100 pa for up to 10 legal team users and £120/US$175 pa per user thereafter, with a nominal charge for business users.

The Virtual Assistants help general counsel, heads of legal and legal COOs ensure that the right work is done by the right people, in the right place and at the right price, whether undertaken internally or externally.

Instruction and Triage Assistant
The Instruction and Triage Assistant manages, triages and tracks the progress of instructions. It is pre-configured, cloud-based and, depending upon the number of users, can be live within one day (www.riverviewlaw.com/virtual-assistants/). To allow legal departments to test the value and effectiveness of this tool, the Instruction and Triage Assistant is free for up to eight legal team users.

In-house Assistant
The Foundation level In-house Assistant adds case management and more comprehensive reporting to the Instruction and Triage Assistant. It too is pre-configured, cloud-based and, depending upon the number of users, can go live within one day (www.riverviewlaw.com/virtual-assistants/). For up to 10 legal team users, this Assistant costs a fixed £1,400/US$2,100 per annum.

The Professional level In-house Assistant has six modular options that enable organisations to tailor it to their business. This Assistant is cloud-based and typically live in one week. The upgrade options include additional users, company branding, tailored workflows and enhanced reporting.

The Enterprise level In-house Assistant can be a cloud or on-premises deployment and is designed for global organisations which not only wish to tailor the system but also require extended implementation and roll-out support, plus ‘Super User’ access rights (to configure the platform in future themselves). Pricing for the Enterprise level Assistant is bespoke.

Karl Chapman, Chief Executive of Riverview Law, says: “We are delighted to launch these process assistants built on the Kim platform. Our market testing in the UK, US and Canada has proved fascinating and has shown us how big the global market is for these types of cost-effective and easy-to-deploy Virtual Assistants. More will be launched in the coming months, including Advisory and Smart Assistants, as well as different language versions.

“Effectively we are productising the Riverview Law operating model and helping in-house teams deliver better and quicker advice. We know from our use of these tools both internally and with customers that they can add huge value. That’s why we’ve deliberately positioned them so that price and technology are not barriers to adoption. This is one of the ways in which we are seeking to scale Riverview Law globally.”

For full pricing of all the Riverview Law Virtual Assistants and their upgrade options please visit http://www.riverviewlaw.com/virtual-assistants/.