DocSolid Announces New Legal Software Integrations – Extends iManage and NetDocuments Capture Suite

DocSolid has announced two new ways to link the scan capture of paper documents to popular legal Document Management Systems (DMS), iManage and NetDocuments. iManage Profile Plus and KwikTag Legal Profile Connect are new additions to the DocSolid solution suite, and were developed in cooperation with DocSolid’s KwikTag Legal law firm customers, Duane Morris LLP and Gilbert LLP.
iManage Profile Plus speeds the continuous data entry of profiling information across an expansive set of client matter folders. For business applications like new matter intake, individual documents that need to be captured are likely to span a broad range of clients. DocSolid has integrated with the related iManage lookup screens to make this profiling process more productive.
Longtime DocSolid customer Duane Morris LLP, a law firm with more than 750 attorneys in offices across the United States and internationally, helped design iManage Profile Plus. The firm runs KwikTag Legal integrated with iManage, Elite, Chrome River and other business software applications. “We saw yet another place to hook in scanning with our business workflow,” said Barry Silver, Director of Office Services. “We approached DocSolid with a request to connect to the matching iManage screen for profiling at the most efficient intersection. KwikTag Legal is made to do this, and DocSolid made it happen the way we wanted.”
KwikTag Legal Profile Connect links to an external law firm database to facilitate and speed profiling. This allows native KwikTag screens to be used for big capture projects where conversion workers can’t be given access to the DMS. Profile Connect facilitates up-front profiling and bar code tagging. KwikTag Legal’s capture server then seamlessly uploads scanned images and profile information to the DMS as an automatic back-end process.
Gilbert LLP, an insurance recovery firm in Washington, DC, runs DocSolid’s scan capture solution integrated to their NetDocuments cloud-based DMS. “We have a large project to convert our paper client matters files to digital,” said Frank Schipani, Director of Information Technology.
Schipani continues: “Working with DocSolid, we designed and they developed a way for our conversion project staff to efficiently and accurately profile and barcode these paper documents for scanning, without providing that staff access to the secure NetDocuments application, using our legacy LegalKey data. This productivity boost is essential to getting the project done. And now we get to use DocSolid’s QC software to automate quality controls over the operation, which gives us the confidence for shredding at the end of the process.”
“Our customers are smart, and they’ve chosen to get serious about their Paper2Digital initiative,” said Dave Guilbault, VP of DocSolid. “DocSolid continuously builds on their experiences and innovative challenges to drive our solution set. These two new capture solutions are now packaged, so that ongoing support and product evolution can be optimized for these and other customers.”