Thomson CompuMark launches a new choice for self-service trademark clearance

Thomson CompuMark, has expanded its world-leading trademark searching and protection offering with the launch of TM go365™, bringing an unprecedented level of flexibility, speed and affordability to the clearance process.
The cloud-based solution incorporates a host of features to allow professionals to carry out quick and cost-effective clearance searches and mitigate risk for brands, without reverting to simple knock-out screening or web searches that force users to compromise on quality.
Anil Gupta, Thomson CompuMark said: “With the steady rise in trademark litigation costs, some brand owners can be unsure of the degree of risk they should take. This new solution is ideal for brand assets that require more than a screening search, such as secondary and seasonal brands and slogans, but may not typically be considered for a classic full availability search due to cost or time restrictions.
“TM go365 means that brand owners no longer have to make the trade-off between available budget and risk mitigation requirements and legal professionals can achieve instant high-quality results to serve their clients faster.”
The new solution provides access to many of Thomson CompuMark’s quality enhanced databases and covers everything from trademark registers and domain names, including country code top level domains (ccTLDs), as well as common law and web sources and image searching.
Features such as state-of-the-art decision support tools have been developed to enable trademark professionals to pinpoint the most relevant results quickly and the easy-to use analysis tool, strategy filters, graphical hit overview and tag cloud will aid the process of spotting and analysing critical findings in context. The intuitive visualisation tools make it easy to see at a glance how results fit into an overall availability picture, providing visual insight for faster decision making.
The technology behind TM go365 is patent pending and is built on an advanced search technology with sophisticated search algorithms to analyse both narrow and complex variations to help ensure critical findings are not missed.
“TM go365 brings an entirely new choice to trademark research, filling the gap between broad range Internet searches and Thomson CompuMark’s “gold standard” full availability search by our analysts. The solution is unique, quick, cost-effective and convenient and fundamentally it does not compromise on quality of either the search or results,” said Gupta. “It completes our suite of applications, catering to the needs of all types of customers, regardless of where they are in the trademark lifecycle.”