Legal Trailblazers Conference – Manchester 29 June

At a time of unparalleled change in the legal industry, leaders from JMW Solicitors, Fletchers, Bott & Co and DWF, have disrupted the traditional legal services approach, driving innovation and success in their firms. Now the four – Ed Fletcher, Chief Executive of Fletchers ; Joy Kingsley, Senior Partner at JMW; Richard Hodkinson, Chief Technology Officer at DWF; and Paul Hinchliffe, Managing Director at Bott & Co – will share the secrets of their success at a major legal conference in Manchester on 29 June.

Through a series of journalist-led (by North-West business writer Chris Maguire( interviews and a group panel, the highly celebrated speakers will share their differentiating approach, providing a wealth of inspiration and constructive advice to take away.

The Trailblazers conference has been organised by Converge Technology Specialists, the UK’s only cloud provider dedicated to law firms, to help firms find a fresh approach to delivering legal services.

Nigel Wright, Managing Director of Converge Technology Specialists, said: “The legal sector is changing and innovative leaders are seizing the moment to make sure they’re riding the wave rather than being swept away by it. We’re delighted to secure such a stellar panel for our conference.”

Since becoming Chief Executive of Fletchers, Ed Fletcher has broken down the conventions of the standard law firm and leader; the organisation has tripled in size, been listed in the London Stock Exchange ‘1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain’, and achieved the Investors in People (IIP) Gold Award. An enthusiastic and inspiring leader, Ed will demonstrate how investing in people delivers higher profits.

Joy Kingsley is Senior Partner at JMW and heavily involved with the firm’s strategy. She previously presided over the impressive growth of Pannone LLP and has helped achieve the unprecedented increase of revenue at JMW from £10.2 million to £22.5 million in the 5 years since she joined the firm. Joy has received a host of professional accolades and will provide essential advice to anyone looking to grow their firm.

Richard Hodkinson has 20 years of board-level experience in acquisitive, energetic law firms and is the CTO of Top 20 legal business DWF. He is ranked number 24 in CIO Magazine’s Top UK CIOs and Top 20 in the CIO Legal Power List 2014.  Hodkinson is passionate about the use of technology as a foundation for innovation, and as a result DWF has successfully used technology as a differentiator, especially with regards to attracting and retaining talent.

Bott & Co have become the most experienced and trusted authority on flight delay compensation rights in the UK and regularly feature throughout the media with appearances on TV and radio. Paul Hinchliffe, Managing Director at Bott & Co, has led operational development at the firm, overseeing the practice’s substantial investment in leading-edge IT systems and focus on quality standard; he will share the strategy behind their focus, which established Bott & Co as the ‘go-to firm’ within this niche market.

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