CMS Hasche Sigle become HotDocs largest German deployment

CMS Hasche Sigle, the largest commercial law firm in Germany and part of the international network that includes CMS Cameron McKenna, has gone live with the company-wide rollout of HotDocs.
The deployment, which is HotDocs largest in the German legal market to date, involves more than 900 HotDocs user licences, a HotDocs Server and a customised HotDocs workspace front end that integrates with several of the law firm’s other applications.
The 600-lawyer firm started its HotDocs journey in 2012 with just a few HotDocs users and has increased its usage incrementally since then, culminating in this enterprise-wide deployment. It marks a spread of HotDocs through the CMS network, as CMS Cameron McKenna is a longstanding user of HotDocs and after its merger with Dundas & Wilson in May 2014, extended its user licences to 1,750 – an extra 400 licences.
HotDocs will be used to automate a wide range of documents across various practices including banking & finance, corporate, employment, public law and real estate. The global services team at HotDocs worked with CMS Hasche Sigle to provide a customised workspace that integrates with several in-house systems and connects to HotDocs Hub for storage, management and version control.
Axel Dippmann, equity partner and HotDocs project sponsor at CMS in Germany, said:  “This company-wide deployment of a document automation solution will facilitate an increase in productivity and will also make a positive impact on document styling and accuracy, empowering us with time to spend on legal content.”
Dr Pierre Zickert, research associate and HotDocs project manager at CMS Hasche Sigle, said:  “For us, the main benefit of our HotDocs solution is that it shifts the lawyer’s focus from time-consuming text editing to where it belongs, focussing on the legal issue. As we have integrated the automation software with other firm applications we have significantly speeded up and harmonised our document generation process.”