compareDocs goes into the cloud to delivers accurate and reliable document comparison anytime, anywhere

DocsCorp (, a leader in document comparison technology, just announced the launch of compareDocs cloud, a new web-hosted version of its leading document comparison software. Running on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, compareDocs through Office 365 enables users to compare Word to Word and Word to PDF documents on a PC desktop, Surface Pro or iPad, all via the cloud.
Running as an Office Add-in, compareDocs is easy to deploy from an IT perspective since nothing has to be installed on local machines – it all runs in the cloud. The service can be made available to users instantly and on all devices running Office 365. compareDocs cloud is available as an Office Add-in for Word Online, Word for iPad and Word 2013 Service Pack 1 or later.
compareDocs cloud uses the same comparison engine as the compareDocs desktop version, but there will be some differences in functionality. Specifically, DocsCorp will soon be announcing compare ‘image’ PDF documents capability using built-in OCR technology. Customers may choose to run both desktop and cloud versions interchangeably to allow universal access to compareDocs from anywhere at any time.
“compareDocs cloud is a disruptive technology in the best sense – it delivers document comparison at a much lower cost than desktop installations,” remarked DocsCorp President and Co-founder Dean Sappey. “The cloud makes it possible for us to provide compareDocs to anyone using Microsoft Word, anywhere in the world. PC and iPad users can use compareDocs cloud now, and in the very near future, we will be announcing support for Mac and Android devices.”
Avi Solomon, Director of Information Technology at Rumberger Kirk & Caldwell, said “We are very excited with the new compareDocs cloud Microsoft Word Add-in and see great benefit for our mobile workforce, attorneys who work from thin devices, as well as support staff who will be able to leverage this technology from their desktops. The Office Add-in Store provides an impressive and easy method of provisioning this technology instantly to our users in addition to creative pricing structures to meet our budgetary needs. We look forward to realizing productivity improvements from its use.”
Available now
compareDocs cloud is available from the Office Add-in Store, try it now