Wolters Kluwer Launches Corsearch Mobile App Vigilance, the Intellectual Property App

Wolters Kluwer today announced that Corsearch digital brand solutions has launched a new mobile brand protection service, Corsearch Mobile App Vigilance, through a strategic alliance with AppDetex. The mobile app, powered by AppDetex data and technology, enables brand holders and trademark owners to protect their valuable intellectual property assets in the mobile app space.
With more than four million apps in the major domestic mobile app stores, downloads have become the new currency. Rogue mobile app publishers are now leveraging well-known trademarked logos and names to lure users to download and install their apps. Corsearch Mobile App Vigilance provides brand holders with an end-to-end solution to help prevent this, with functionality that includes discovery, monitoring, enforcement and forensic analysis of mobile apps.
“The mobile app space today is considered to be the new Wild West,” says Tobi Hartmann, general manager of Corsearch. “Brand holders are being confronted with a myriad of intellectual property threats, including trademark and copyright infringement, false association, copycat apps, piracy and phishing. Our trademark community is increasingly aware of this and looking to Corsearch to empower them with actionable data to help them resolve it.”
According to Faisal Shah, chief executive officer at AppDetex, publishers are becoming more sophisticated in their tactics. Simply removing an app from one store is not enough, he notes. That publisher might move the offending app to another store or make a slight modification and publish that app to the store again. “AppDetex is excited to build on our relationship with Wolters Kluwer, adding our mobile app monitoring and management solution to its Digital Brand Management product offerings,” he says. “This alliance is about providing brand holders with the necessary tools to protect their most valuable assets in the mobile app space. Having a robust solution, like Corserach Mobile App Vigilance, that tracks the same publishers and apps is key to an effective mobile app monitoring strategy.”
Key features of the Corsearch Mobile App Vigilance solution include advanced search and discovery functions, logo and image detection, app and publisher tracking. It also includes automatic brand monitoring and prioritization filters, sophisticated case and matter management and bulk enforcement features.
Corsearch provides the world’s leading clearance and protection services and tools to trademark and brand professionals across the globe. Corsearch’s international reach allows customers to clear trademarks in more than 150 countries worldwide. Ranked #1 in overall quality by “World Trademark Review’s” 2015 survey of trademark professionals worldwide, Corsearch services include Avantiq’s international research project work and CitizenHawk’s domain name and online brand protection businesses.
Please contact Paul Lyon (paul.lyon@wolterskluwer.com), International Director, GRC, at Wolters Kluwer for more information.