Startup corner: Salladore launched to streamline and analyse lawyer workflow

Los Angeles-based legal tech startup Salladore has released software that enables law firms or in-house legal teams to identify who has the availability and skills to meet a client deadline and analyse its performance.

Once lawyers have identified in real time which associates have the capacity and capability to work on a matter, they can assign the project instantly. The software also allows them to track and manage the project through completion, including communicating with other lawyers about the project.

Perhaps of most interest, built-in analytics offer information on the efficiency of projects and the productivity of the people working on them. This includes the ability to compare the performance of individual lawyers against a number of performance criteria, providing objective data for performance reviews. This might include how quickly lawyers respond to questions and get the work done, and whether documents need substantial revision.

“Salladore was developed to fill a hole I saw in the practice of law, which was efficiently finding the right junior-level attorney to work on a case,” says Adam McDonell, founder and president of Salladore, who worked most recently as a legal intern in the Northern District of Georgia and before that in the Georgia Supreme Court.

“In the past, attorneys would find help by asking around the office and maybe sending out a few emails, which is a tremendously inefficient process. Salladore gives these senior-level attorneys hours back in their day that they can spend on billable work.”