TCDI Renames CVFox to Further Showcase Relationship with ClarVergence

TCDI announces Fox has been renamed CVFox™, to further showcase the relationship the product has with ClarVergence™, the company’s flagship, web-based and sophisticated e-discovery solution.
In early 2016, TCDI announced the original launch of CVFox (then Fox) as a new offering bringing an affordable end-to-end discovery solution specifically to the midtier corporate and law firm market. The product was developed to be simple to use and is the same code base as the technologically advanced and mature platform ClarVergence.
“We decided to bring this product further into the ClarVergence family by renaming it CVFox because it is based on the same sophisticated platform that has been trusted and used in litigation for decades and is regularly updated to fit the needs of our clients,” states Bill Johnson, CEO, founder, and president of TCDI. “Now, our clients will have the ability to more easily access both products – based on the needs of their case.”
ClarVergence is a web-based application that was born out of the big tobacco litigation of the late 1990s. It was designed for comprehensive review, analysis and production, and is used by review and case teams to effectively complete the tasks associated with discovery obligations. ClarVergence can import from, and export to, any other industry review platform using common import and export formats.
CVFox brings together data processing, ECA, review and production in one simplified SaaS product. CVFox ensures all cases are given access to the best available technology, including advanced data analytics, at appealing predictable pricing so all cases can be properly litigated and defended on merit.
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