Prosperoware, a leading enterprise software company delivering innovative technology to transform the business of legal and professional services, today announces that it will be presenting at the premier security-focused event for legal professionals, ILTA’s 4th Annual LegalSEC Summit, June 9-10th in Baltimore, MD. Prosperoware Vice President of Solutions, Ben Weinberger has been selected to present a Solution Spotlight, “Panama Papers: Time to Compartmentalize with Prosperoware Milan IG” on June 10th at 3pm, and will co-present “Safeguarding Data through Classification” with Dave Hansen, Director of Compliance, NetDocuments on the same day at 2 pm.
The leak of the Panama Papers triggered a significant increase in client demands for data to be locked-down to matter or client teams – to the smallest group of people needed to service the client. In addition to the spate of hacks that already have hit half of the AmLaw 100, the FTC and the plaintiff’s bar are coming after clients and law firms, holding them liable for data breaches.
Milan InfoGov (“IG”) is the industry’s state-of-the-art Ethical Wall, Information Barrier, and Confidentiality Management platform, ushering in an innovative, modern architecture designed to solve today’s security challenges. The legacy architectures of other products have proven incapable of managing dynamic matter and client team groupings, high volumes of requests, and constant security challenges without bringing productivity to a halt.
Milan IG enables data to be compartmentalized – secured to the smallest group needed to service each matter – without the need for IT and Risk Team intervention, allowing the Head of Risk to set policy and delegate who can manage daily matter access (down to the individual document level) – Matter Owner, Head of Risk, or Matter Team – to simultaneously meet the needs of the client and the firm.
Weinberger will demonstrate the innovative architecture of Milan IG during the LegalSEC Solution Spotlight, illustrating how compartmentalization limits the need for IT and Risk Team intervention, allows the Head of Risk to set policy and determine who can manage (down to the document level) daily matter access – Matter Owner, Head of Risk, or Matter Team – while seamlessly meeting the security needs of the client and the workflow needs of the firm.
Just prior to this session, at 2 pm, Ben Weinberger will join David Hansen, Director of Compliance at NetDocuments to discuss “Safeguarding Data Through Classification.” Before implementing defenses against breaches and unauthorized access, firms need to understand what data they hold and who has access to the information. Firms can’t secure what they don’t know they have, and don’t know the value – or risk – of unclassified data. Ben and David will highlight for attendees the negative consequences of not knowing what the firm has, including putting at risk valuable data and incurring unnecessary costs protecting data the firm doesn’t need to protect.
Ben Weinberger comments, “The growing importance of the LegalSEC Summit cannot be overstated as firms are challenged by constant and consistent threats, both internal and external, and need to rethink their information governance processes now. I am looking forward to showcasing the innovative architecture of Milan IG as well as co-leading a key session on data classification. We at Prosperoware are pleased to be part of the important and timely discussions at LegalSEC and are looking forward to showcasing Milan’s innovative security features.”
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