Janders Dean Legal Horizons – Chicago – 14 July

Chicago – 14 July 2016
Janders Dean is partnering with Chicago-Kent College of Law to host a one-day event focused on transformation in the legal industry. This conference will take place July 14th at Chicago-Kent College of Law.
Our agenda and speaking faculty have been developed and planned not by a conference company, but by leaders from legal education and strategic consulting. The day will be jam-packed with insights from inside and outside the legal industry and with emerging topics of real value from those who have actually delivered.
We strictly avoid the “same old/same old” at our events. This will be fresh and interesting. As themes, we are focusing on the “art of the possible” and in highlighting practical, inspirational ways the industry can evolve/transform.
This conference will be an invitation-only event, and the forum will be free to those who make the list. Our attendees will be a mix of leadership from corporate legal departments; partners, C and D-level players from large law firms; key representatives from academia; and some leaders from courts and other areas of the government.
More details here: http://www.chicago.jandersdean.com