Morae Legal Advances Information Governance and eDiscovery Paradigm with INCOMPASS

Morae Legal, an end-to-end legal consulting and solutions provider, today announces the launch of INCOMPASS, its transformational information and discovery management service. By applying machine-learning and other analytic tools to the source system of origin ‒ behind the company’s firewall or in its own cloud-based environment ‒ INCOMPASS extends analytic capabilities typically applied in the discovery process upstream, solving challenges faced in both information governance and discovery and improving the quality of information. INCOMPASS integrates discovery with information management ‒ what is frequently referred to as the “left side” of the EDRM ‒ and transforms the linear steps of typical discovery processes into an integrated and dynamic workflow.
When an electronic discovery event occurs, data is typically collected and sent out of stream to an outside provider for processing, hosting, review and production. As a result, the benefit of leveraging technology is confined to the discovery process and not applied to the business activities where the information is created and managed. “INCOMPASS effectively applies analytics ‒ machine learning, natural language processing and similar technologies ‒ at the source, before the discovery event, enabling broader information governance capabilities and streamlining the identification of potentially relevant documents in discovery,” says Jeff Seymour, Morae Legal’s President of Information and Discovery Management. “Furthermore, by deploying the technology platform in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, we enhance flexibility, scalability and take a leap forward from a cost-efficiency standpoint.” INCOMPASS significantly improves efficiency, enhancing the quality and accessibility of information within the business as well as in the discovery process.
INCOMPASS also enables the discovery process to be performed within the company’s infrastructure, rather than requiring data to be moved to a traditional eDiscovery provider’s servers or cloud-based environment. Even when INCOMPASS is used solely for discovery, leveraging the corporate ecosystem allows for more certain security on already vetted systems and removes redundancy of infrastructure.
The INCOMPASS solution changes the information governance and discovery paradigm by enabling the management of information having value to the business, reducing the burden of classification by end users and eliminating redundant, obsolete and transitory information that poses a risk to the organization. Information becomes easier to find, supporting business productivity, regulatory compliance and discovery. At the same time, risk, management and storage costs are reduced.
As a next-generation legal service provider, Morae Legal is uniquely positioned to offer this service. “Traditional providers have substantial, ongoing investments in infrastructure, and therefore are inherently resistant to the platform deployment models that are dominant in mainstream information technology,” adds Seymour. “Our interests are fully aligned with the clients’ in moving to more advanced and efficient deployment models that can be applied to the active management of business information and support the downstream discovery process.” Morae Legal employs some of the leading thinkers, service delivery personnel, project and case managers and other domain experts in information and discovery management. “Our clients should feel comfortable knowing their solutions are being devised and implemented by the most experienced and innovative experts in the field.”
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