Startup corner: Lexprompt WRITE for legal drafting

A Salt Lake City-based legal tech startup focussed on providing lawyers with an affordable tool for document drafting has completed its beta testing, having also recently integrated with NetDocuments.

Lexprompt WRITE, co-founded by Dorsey & Whitney intellectual property associate Lev Rosenblum, identifies relevant blocks of text from documents within selected folders and presents them in a panel on the right hand side of a Word document as a lawyer is drafting.

The panel, which looks similar to a thesaurus search, means that a lawyer is able to identify and copy across relevant blocks of text without exiting Word.

Rosenblum, who founded Lexprompt alongside marketing head Gianni Taraschi and development head Matt Diehl, told Legal IT Insider: “Even in litigation there are motions, memos or discovery requests where sub-blocks of text exist but are hard to access. You’re not going to search your entire database for one sentence in one document and then a sentence in another – it would take more time if you try to reuse that existing text.

“Lexprompt makes it more accessible, so as you type, it shows you what similar text blocks exist, so you’re not doing something that has already been done.”

Users can choose which folders they search on their local and network drives, such as a precedent bank, and as the solution develops will be able to search by document type.

Rosenblum adds: “We wanted to also let the user preview the result inside the source document and highlight the text so you can see the context – where its coming from – and maybe you’re looking for more text from same document.

“If you click on ‘view’, it pulls up the source document and where that text came from and highlights that text. Instead of just displaying one document, we can display whatever the user needs.”

Drafting references are all embedded in the new Word document, so that next time a lawyer opens it with Lexprompt, all the references used will show up on the screen.

Rosenblum said: “Whoever opens that file will see the same tabs – they don’t need to figure out what references were used; they have instant access.”

Lexprompt integrated with NetDocuments this year and Rosenblum said: “Even if I email the document to you it doesn’t have to be saved in a special location. Now you can open the file directly from our add on, you can open it in our interface.”

Lexprompt, which is self-funded and has no external investors, is in a pilot with Dorsey & Whitney and has interest from other large law firms, particularly other NetDocuments users.