Webinar – 30 June: Introducing eIDAS – Creating a Digital Single Market for Cross-Border Business in the EU

For over a decade, UK companies have been challenged by EU laws and regulations to keep up with the pace of an evolving and increasing digital business environment. This is especially true outside the UK, where regulations are more stringent.
Recognising these challenges, the European Commission created a new EU-wide regulation, eIDAS (electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market), effective 1st July 2016, that opens the door for businesses operating in continental Europe to realise the speed, transparency, security and financial benefit of digital services with a simplified and standardised approach to electronic signature.
Join Richard Oliphant, DocuSign General Counsel EMEA, as he explains how you can best capitalise on this opportunity and what the new regulation means for your business, whether in the UK, or the EU.
Register for our webinar on Thursday 30th June at 14:00 BST. Link to register: https://www.docusign.co.uk/live-webinar/introducing-eidas