FRONTEO Brand Officially to Launch Following the Integration of UBIC North America, Evolve Discovery & TechLaw Solutions

UBIC North America, Inc. (“UBICNA”) and EvD, Inc. (“Evolve Discovery”) each a wholly-owned direct subsidiary of UBIC, Inc. (the “Company”) (to be re-named FRONTEO, Inc.) (NASDAQ:UBIC) (TSE:2158), a leading provider of global eDiscovery support and big data analysis services, announced today that on July 1, 2016 they will complete their integration plan and corporate re-branding of the Company’s U.S. operations. UBICNA and Evolve Discovery will be merged and will together become known as FRONTEO USA, Inc. (“FRONTEO USA”) and TechLaw Solutions, Inc. will become the wholly-owned subsidiary of FRONTEO USA and will be renamed FRONTEO Government Services, Inc. FRONTEO USA will continue to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company. All subsidiaries of the Company will take on the FRONTEO brand.
The integration of eDiscovery services, products and client support under the FRONTEO brand will amplify the Company’s global leadership role in the delivery of legal technology, litigation support services, Business Intelligence (BI) applications and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions.
The Company became known early on for its innovations in Chinese, Japanese and Korean language processing, analytics and predictive coding. The Company now operates a global network of secure, scalable eDiscovery managed review and hosting centers in support of complex cases. Additionally, The Company develops purpose-built AI applications on its proprietary engine KIBIT™, delivering cutting-edge technologies for a deeper understanding within the Healthcare, Marketing and Retail sectors. The insight gained from these applications may help clients identify potential fraud or accidents, as well as enable companies to better understand the voice of the customer.
A brief historical summary of the Company’s (FRONTEO’s) business initiatives – a series of purposeful strategic investments and acquisitions resulted in global expansion of the company, leading to this reorganization and corporate rebranding:
• Acquisition of TechLaw Solutions in 2014, expanding the Company’s presence in the U.S. market for complete eDiscovery services.
• Further expansion of Company capabilities and service network through the acquisition of Evolve Discovery in 2015.
• Establishment of two state-of-the-art managed review centers in New York and Washington DC. (in addition to other existing review centers in San Francisco, Houston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, London, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei City and Manila).
• Introduction of the FRONTEO TRUST Business Intelligence Portal for eDiscovery, a powerful BI dashboard for eDiscovery project and budget management on projects hosted in Relativity.
• Introduced advanced technology capabilities into the market with Artificial Intelligence (AI) based applications.
The newly unified FRONTEO will be well positioned as a leading provider of comprehensive services across the eDiscovery spectrum, as well as in other vertical markets leveraging its AI platform:
• Global eDiscovery
• Managed Review Services
• Multi-language Specialization
• Advanced Forensics
• Early Case Assessment, Analytics and Technology Assisted Review
• AI Engine and Applications for Healthcare, Digital Marketing and Retail Sectors
“The new brand FRONTEO, supports the Company’s vision and mission of creating a brighter future for its clients and society as a whole”, said David Ahrens chief marketing officer for the Company’s U.S. subsidiaries. “The word FRONTEO was derived from the word ‘FRONT’ and the Latin word ‘EO’, with a combined meaning of ‘moving forward’. FRONTEO has the experience and vision to move forward, by fully engaging and servicing our clients, driving innovation into our product development cycles, and expanding our global capabilities to continue to create deep value for clients and consumers alike.”
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