New Case Study: Taylor Vinters reduces print waste and enhances document workflow with Copitrak

Taylor Vinters, a UK top 150 law firm, wanted to eliminate uncollected documents left at the printer, and improve document security. They also wanted to streamline document workflow, by having the ability to scan documents directly into iManage Work. Taylor Vinters implemented Copitrak Secure Follow Me Print, via Nikec Solutions, which reduced paper waste, improved security, and enhanced efficiency and workflow with Copitrak Scan.

The Problem
One of the key priorities for Taylor Vinters is to reduce their impact on the environment, as a law firm they are under increasing pressure to set internal targets, and play their part in reducing their carbon footprint. Part of the environmental challenge is printing waste at the firm, in particular waste related to uncollected print jobs. Furthermore, as a law firm, confidential documents are printed regularly, therefore leaving them uncollected at the printer creates a risk to confidentiality, if the documents are collected by the wrong person. Additionally Taylor Vinters found that users were spending an enormous amount of time scanning documents to their email, and then manually importing these into iManage Work, their document management system.

The Solution
“Having used nQueue for a couple of years we wanted to really do all the things that we had on our original shopping list” stated Steve Sumner, IT Director at Taylor Vinters. “It was clear that the offering Copitrak showed us would easily tick all our boxes, key was iManage Work filing with OCR and Secure Follow Me Print across offices working with Ricoh Multi-function Printers, we tried it with real users, they loved it, we signed the deal and implemented, on target, within a month. It was that easy.” Said Sumner.

Copitrak Secure Follow Me Print
Nikec Solutions implemented Copitrak Secure Follow Me Print at Taylor Vinters following a successful trial in their UK offices in Cambridge and London, to 150 users at the firm, as part of their challenge to reduce uncollected print documents. Secure Follow Me Print requires user authentication at the MFP to release a print job, which has resulted in a reduction in paper waste, and the elimination of uncollected documents left at the printer. Consequently, security at the firm has increased, as there is less of a risk of confidential documents accidentally getting seen at the printer or picked up by the wrong person.

In addition to the reduction in paper and improved security, Copitrak Secure Follow Me Print allows users to pick up all of their print outs at once when it is convenient for them, rather than having to visit the printer every time they press print. Steve says: “I can send something to print the day before, or from home using our Citrix facilities and then the next day, whether I am in Cambridge or London, I can use my access card to get the print off there and then, we aim to be paperless but there are times when paper is needed to be used and this is just such an efficient way to work compared to before”.

Copitrak Scan
Taylor Vinters also rolled out Copitrak Scan, which allows users at Taylor Vinters to scan documents directly into iManage Work from the scanner. Previously this process was much more time consuming for users, as they had to scan documents to their email and then manually file the documents into iManage Work. This has helped increase efficiency and streamlined their document workflow.

The Outcome
Taylor Vinters’ implementation of Copitrak Secure Follow Me Print and Copitrak Scan has had clear benefits for the law firm;
There was an evident reduction in paper waste, due to a decrease in uncollected documents left at the printer. This is also resulted in a reduction of costs related to printing.

Security was improved, as documents were no longer left unclaimed at the printer, putting documents at risk of falling into the wrong hands.

Business efficiency was enhanced, as users go and collect all their print jobs at the selected print when it is convenient for them, they don’t have to sift through piles of paper to find theirs, or keep going back and forth every time they print something.

Furthermore, users were able to scan directly into iManage Work from the scanner, which has also streamlined document workflow.
As there are two offices in the UK, Copitrak Secure Follow Me Print has enable users to print from either office, making it easy to print no matter which office they are in.