DMS: Nikec Solutions integrates with NetDocuments as jEugene partners with iManage

Nikec Solutions has integrated its less paper offering Nikec Binder with NetDocuments as jEugene, a provider of innovative quality assurance tools for lawyers, today (13 July) announced a technology partnership with iManage.
Nikec’s integration will help NetDocuments users enhance their business efficiency, as users will save time when building matter bundles, briefs, board packs, pitch documents, closing books and making matters mobile.
Nikec Binder is already integrated with leading document managements systems iManage Work, eDocs and Worldox.
Damian Jeal, VP global sales at Nikec said, “As the demand for managing documents digitally grows, users are increasingly looking for DMS integrations with Binder. The integration with NetDocuments will help further our support for the legal market and help users work digitally. As the client base for NetDocuments is growing, so has the demand to integrate Binder.”
Meanwhile iManage has partnered with jEugene, which provides software that detects problems in legal documents in order to help lawyers minimize risk of litigation while reducing costs. jEugene Cross-References uses advanced algorithms to verify the existence of statutory references and cross reference terms. The partnership integrates the products of the two companies, allowing users to employ jEugene’s suite of tools directly from iManage Work.
“iManage Work is the most widely used work product management solution in law firms, corporate legal departments, and other professional services firms such as accounting and financial services,” said jEugene’s COO, Colin Angevine. “With today’s partnership, we are excited to bring our best-of-breed quality assurance solutions to iManage users to help them deliver high-quality legal documents with confidence.”