AI next: Bech-Bruun selects RAVN for enterprise search and knowledge management

Bech-bruun office copenhagenIn what the top-tier Danish law firm says is its first step to full implementation of an artificial intelligence solution, Bech-Bruun has selected both RAVN Connect Enterprise and RAVN Manage for advanced enterprise search and knowledge management.
RAVN Connect Enterprise is RAVN System’s next gen enterprise search solution, released in April 2014, which enables firms to find, manage and collaborate on their knowledge and expertise. Features include tagging, linking, voting and grading as well as a knowledge graph that highlights the relationship between knowledge and people.
RAVN Manage monitors the health of its enterprise applications and exposes any hidden problems.
Bech-Bruun, which with over 500 staff is one of the largest in the Nordic region, is using the RAVN Connect Enterprise search platform to search a wide variety of internal content including iManage Work, InterAction CRM, Navision and Mimecast. The RAVN search solution replaces their iManage IUS search platform.
Stefan Winqvist, CIO at Bech-Bruun, said: “RAVN Manage and RAVN Connect Enterprise supplement our current systems extremely well. With both systems, searches become even more efficient and documents may be retrieved significantly faster than before. The fact that the systems understand how people work together and are able to spot cohesion through entire cases is a real strength in our daily operations. In Bech-Bruun, this is a highly strategic focus area.”
He added: “Moreover, RAVN is a pioneer in the area and we consider this as the first step to full implementation of AI.”