Whitehead Monckton selects Workshare 9

Things have seemed a little quiet on the Workshare front but the compare and review technology supplier has just announced that Whitehead Monckton has selected the Workshare 9 platform to speed up its document drafting cycles.
The three-office Kent law firm, which provides legal services for business, individuals and the property sector, chose the Workshare platform to help increase productivity among its staff and to remove wasted time from the drafting process.
IT manager Tony Wilders said: “Whitehead Monckton is always looking for ways to improve staff productivity; to help staff deliver the highest possible standard of law to our clients. Technology plays a big part in this and after reviewing the market, Workshare came out as the best fit to help us do this.”
Nick Thomson, Workshare’s chief revenue officer, said “It is exciting to work with customers, such as Whitehead Monckton, that understand the importance of investing in the right systems to support their staff.  We look forward to working with the team there to roll out the system and see first-hand the benefit it brings to their staff and most importantly their clients.”
If you want to see a couple of guys in suits doing some cool parkour watch this video: Workshare Professional 9: Collaboration Reimagined – we wonder if they are lawyers.