Elite partners with CenturyLink and Iridium Technology

Elisabet Hardy TREThomson Reuters Elite this week entered two significant new partnerships, signing up business intelligence solution provider Iridium Technology as an alliance partner and entering a ‘preferred agreement’ with CenturyLink.
Elite’s agreement with global communications, hosting and cloud leader CenturyLink is a significant mid-market play, integrating Elite’s ProLaw end-to-end accounting management solution and CenturyLink’s Cloud platform.
Built on Microsoft.NET, ProLaw combines case and matter management as well as time entry, billing, and accounting capabilities within a single integrated solution, which is largely targeted at lawyers and staff in small and mid-sized law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies.
Through the new agreement, ProLaw clients can work directly with Elite to manage their cloud subscription and experience.
“For today’s businesses, cloud computing is quickly becoming a necessity,” said Elisabet Hardly (pictured), vice president of product management at Elite. “By offering our clients this service, we’ve eliminated the unknowns and taken the guesswork out of finding the right cloud provider. In addition, this new service gives our clients a unique opportunity that offers streamlined billing and issue resolution. Because Elite handles all of the details, our clients can focus on the things that truly matter to growing their business.”
Iridium’s customisable flagship BI solution, meanwhile which will now be offered to 3E and Enterprise clients as part of Elite’s ‘global marketplace’ strategic alliance program, features a comprehensive set of dashboards designed to give firms a complete overview of business performance and operations.
It provides four modules of analysis: GL, Revenue, Expense, and Profit, with these ‘cubes’ offering extensive customization per business specifications. The Iridium BI profitability module is fully configurable based on client requirements.
“The key differentiators of Iridium BI are dashboard quality, cube speed and accuracy, customization capabilities, and most notably, the ability to tailor these solutions to any business need,” said Iridium technology president, Tom Jones. “As an Alliance partner, we look forward to providing Elite clients with a seamless BI solution, giving them quick access to the data they need to make more effective business decisions.”