Webinar – August 8: Milan IG: State-of-the-Art Confidentiality Management – ILTA Sponsored Product Briefing – Prosperoware

Prosperoware, a leading enterprise software company delivering innovative technology that connects the business with the practice of legal and professional services invites you to join Vice President of Solutions, Ben Weinberger, on Monday, August 8 at 12pm (ET) for an ILTA sponsored Product Briefing live broadcast webinar: “Milan IG: State-of-the-Art Confidentiality Management.”
Regulatory organizations—from the FTC to the SEC – as well as the plaintiff’s bar are coming after clients and law firms, holding them liable for data breaches, citing neglect for failure to lock down information and limit access to only those necessarily authorized.
Legacy architectures of other products have proven incapable of managing dynamic matter and client team groupings, high volumes of requests, and constant security challenges without bringing productivity to a halt.
Milan InfoGov (IG) is the industry’s most comprehensive Confidentiality Management, Ethical Wall, and Information Barrier platform. Its modern architecture was designed to solve today’s security challenges–without harming workflow and productivity.
On Monday, August 8th, Ben will demonstrate how firms can use Milan IG to:
• Create policies to protect iManage, NetDocs, eDocs, Elite,
Aderant, IntApp Time, Windows File Shares, SharePoint,
and other systems
• Provide self-service options to enable users to quickly gain
access to matters and documents
• Perform audits and generate reports by user/group,
client/engagement, and policy type
• Perform multi-layered group management to enable
matters to be locked-down to Matter Team, Client, Industry
Team, or Practice Group, with the ability for Risk Teams to
delegate approval and access as they decide
• Create immunity lists to accommodate fluid team working
and cross-functional personnel
• Provide a comprehensive forensic audit trail
To learn more or register, please visit our webpage: http://www.prosperoware.com/webinar/milan-ig-state-art-confidentiality-management