Case Study: Post & Schell Launches paperLESS Scanning Initiatives Using Omtool’s AccuRoute to Achieve More Mobile, Efficient Workflow for Attorneys

While looking to move its Lancaster office, Post & Schell launched a paperLESS initiative and set a goal to provide its lawyers with more mobile access to documents. AccuRoute software from Omtool allowed the firm to scan and route paper documents and reduce paper storage space by 75% when relocating its Lancaster office. Also, AccuRoute integrated with iManage FileSite DMS so Post & Schell could scan, route and store documents and OCR them to be text-searchable. The AccuRoute/iManage integrated process was also used to manage the firm’s incoming postal mail which is now scanned in with AccuRoute, OCR’d and then sent to FileSite so lawyers can click on hyperlinks to access their mail in real-time, without making a trip to the office. You can read the case study as a PDF HERE