LawBase Offers Educational Scholarship

LawBase, the leading case and matter management system designed to increase productivity, today announces the company is sponsoring a $1,000 scholarship to an individual law student to help with financial needs for educational goals.
The scholarship has been developed by the LawBase family to specifically help law students who have been adopted. “Adoption and foster care have been a big part of my life and the lives of others at LawBase, and we wanted to develop this scholarship to further help adoptees who are pursuing a law degree on their journey in life,” states Phil Homburger, president and founder of LawBase.
To be eligible, candidates must be:
• U.S. law students who have been adopted.
• Accepted at or attending a 4-year college program with the intention of pursuing a legal degree OR accepted at or attending an ABA-accredited law school within the United States.
All candidates will also be required to submit a copy of their most current transcript reflecting a minimum 2.6 GPA. Full eligibility requirements are posted at