3D Printing and IP Rights – Impacts – Issues – Insights

Legal IT Newswire:
Tea Earl Grey, Hot. This is how Captain Picard orders his favourite beverage from a replicator on board the starship Enterprise. While this is (still) sci fi, 3D Printing has become reality. By 2018, 3D printing will result in the loss of at least $100 billion per year in intellectual property globally, predicts IT research and advisory company Gartner. This applies especially to companies selling spare parts. FORUMs 2nd 3D Printing and IP Rights Conference gives a much-needed overview of the technologies involved and explores the impacts of 3D printing on the IP practice. Inhouse speakers from manufacturer and user firms share their insights into the IP implications of 3D printing. A highly distinguished panel of practitioners from the US and from Europe addresses the challenges and opportunities that 3D printing creates. Attendees will be prepared for the future.
3D printing: industry state of the art
Printer manufacturer and inhouse user perspectives
Impact on copyright and trademark, design (patents) and patent practice
3D printing and the future (or demise) of intellectual property
Panel discussion: challenges and opportunities