Kemp Little, a leading specialist technology and digital media law firm in the UK, adopts Intapp Time

darktimeIntapp, a global leader in legal software, has announced the availability of Intapp Time as a cloud-based application for time recording. Intapp Time is a total time management solution for professional services firms that unifies time entry, time capture, mobile time recording and analytics, to provide real-time visibility into the performance of the business.
Intapp Time is now available both on-premises and in the cloud, bringing together technology and features from both Intapp and Rekoop, which was acquired by Intapp earlier this year.
“Gaining a better understanding of the true cost of service delivery is the first step in improving profitability per partner. Intapp Time goes beyond the basic billing function to provide firm management with the data they need to inform pricing and budgeting decisions, increase revenue and profitability, manage client expectations, and strengthen client relationships,” said Phil Wedgwood, Vice President of Intapp’s Time Practice. “With Intapp Time now available as a cloud-based application, firms have more flexibility in choosing the deployment model that fits their organization’s needs.”
A growing number of firms are moving key applications to the cloud, taking advantage of security benefits, ease of deployment, lower total cost of ownership and ease of upgrades. Kemp Little, a UK law firm specializing in technology and digital media, is one of the firms now adopting Intapp Time.
Siddhartha Mankad, Chief Operating Officer at Kemp Little, commented: “We’re delighted to be working with Intapp – not just because we think their cloud-based time recording platform is leading the way, but also because we share their vision and commitment to develop the platform into something much more than internal time-recording. We’re excited at the possibilities around pricing, budgeting and project management in which direction Intapp will be driving its software offering.”
Phil Wedgwood added: “With a Total Time Management methodology, firm management is able to easily track, capture, monitor and analyze all time, both chargeable and non-chargeable. A successful time recording system needs to be so embedded, so ubiquitous, so simple for users that it becomes totally routine and unnoticed. Having a powerful, polished application interface that is always with you, regardless of location or device, is a prerequisite for positive adoption; and that in turn is a pre-requisite for getting the quality of data needed – in terms of accuracy, completeness, timeliness and compliance – that can be consequently fed into the business and have further value to both the firm and its clients.”
Intapp representatives are available to discuss Total Time Management at ILTACON 2016 this week in National Harbor, Maryland.