Peppermint Technology hits 80 staff

It may come as a surprise to some that practice management system provider Peppermint Technology has hit an 80-staff milestone as it (in a rather mathematically pleasing way) also reaches its 40th client.
Of those 40 clients, 25 are live and two thirds are on the cloud.
Peppermint, which announced in 2011 that it was developing a legal services platform with Microsoft Dynamics, is working hard to push the benefits of having a non-bespoke legal platform, including promoting and building a community around its App Shop, which so far includes solutions from BigHand, Oyez Professional Services, and Zylpha.
Founder and CEO Arlene Adams said: “We are leveraging the over $2b investment Microsoft has made in its Dynamics platform. We combine that core technology with our own sector expertise to offer law firms a truly differentiated legal practice platform. When Microsoft updates its platform, we do the same. This allows us to bring on new features, such as mobile, collaboration and social engagement, a lot faster than other providers. Suppliers of bespoke legal practice management systems simply can’t invest that sort of money.
“It is the beauty of the cloud”, says Adams. “We have all our Cloud customers on a modern cloud infrastructure, in UK data centres. The Peppermint Cloud platform is a fully managed service and we can introduce software in a much less costly, time consuming and less disruptive way than the old client server model.”
This article first appeared in the July/August newsletter