Something for the Weekend: Vital Statistics

60-Sensational-Social-Media-Facts-and-Statistics-on-Twitter-in-2013-From the Department of Random Surveys….
Partners at UK law firms tend to be younger, on average, the bigger the firm they work for, reveals research by Edward Drummond, a management consultancy for law firms. According to Edward Drummond’s research, 72% of partners at the UK’s Top 10 law firms are aged 50 or under – whilst this is only the case for 60% at UK law firms overall. It also shows that on average, partners at Top 10 law firms are almost two years younger than the national sector average – 46.7 years compared to 48.4 years.
Research from the Robert Walters Career Lifestyle Survey reveals that 41% of legal professionals did not use all of their annual leave entitlement last year. The survey also found that a third of professionals did not take their full annual leave allocation because they were under pressure to complete a project or because their request for leave was refused. 13% said that they did not take all their annual leave out of fear of falling behind at work and 13% said that they chose not to take all their leave due to guilt at their colleagues having to take the strain in their absence.