Moneypenny formally unveils new £15m HQ

MoneypennyWe don’t normally write about new office buildings but Moneypenny, the outsourced switchboard and telephone answering specialist, has just formally unveiled its new, extraordinary Wrexham headquarters that we first flagged in May last year.
The £15m building by AEW Architects has been built based on the feedback of Moneypenny’s 500 employees and boasts a treehouse meeting room, its own village pub, a sun terrace and a triple height atrium with stadium seating and a restaurant offering free breakfast and fruit.
Outside is seven acres of landscaped grounds with nature trails, a duck pond and orchards with picturesque countryside views.
Ed Reeves, co-founder and director of Moneypenny, which answers in excess of two million calls a year for law firms across the UK, said: “We understand completely what our legal clients need, and that’s the very best receptionists in the world. Professional, positive and knowledgeable people, from an outsourcing partner with virtually no staff turnover, who will represent their firms to the highest standard at all times. Our new office has once again raised the bar in achieving this, ensuring we continue to attract and retain the most talented receptionists in order to support our legal clients in the future.
“What we believe is simple: the happier our staff, the happier our clients.”
You can see the new Moneypenny building in this YouTube clip from July, when staff first saw the building: