Smart Time Apps officially launches EBILLREADY

Todd Gerstein Smart Time AppsSmart Time Apps today (12 September) officially launches EBILLREADY, its new eBill compliance software.
According to the California-headquartered time and billing solutions provider, EBILLREADY enables a firm to test and correct eBills for billing guideline violations and invoice format errors before the invoice is submitted to the eBilling vendor. The objective is to reduce the rate of rejection and to speed cash flow. EBILLREADY is now available in beta release.
Todd Gerstein, CEO and founder of Smart Time Apps, said: “EBILLREADY reduces the pain and headaches that result from keeping track of and enforcing multiple client billing guidelines. It empowers firms to test and correct invoices before they are submitted. EBILLREADY operates as a software-as-a-service and is hosted in the Microsoft Cloud. We manage everything for you. It’s a tool with a light footprint that we hope meets your needs.”
“EBILLREADY will support all LEDES eBill formats, UTBMS task codes and data elements,” added Steve Bronstein, CTO and founder of Smart Time Apps. “We will add non-LEDES formats to the system to meet firm needs as necessary. We are excited to enter the eBill compliance space and give firms a tool to solve an all-too-common problem.”