Webinar – September 14: Expand Insight into Your DMS – Prosperoware – 14 September

Prosperoware, a leading enterprise software company delivering innovative technology that connects the business with the practice of legal and professional services invites you to join Vice President of Solutions, Ben Weinberger, and Senior Training and Solution Engineer, Nancy Walker on Wednesday, September 14 at 10am Central / 11am Eastern / 4pm GMT for its Milan webinar: “Expand Insight into Your DMS.”
Strong information governance begins with your DMS. Prosperoware’s market-leading software has set the industry standard for gaining insight into and getting the most value from your iManage investment.
Milan Advanced Analytics makes it easy for administrators to create scheduled reports from iManage and Milan databases, including iManage work history and Milan audit tables. Milan Activity Monitoring provides the ability to automatically flag questionable activity in iManage via activity-based alerts, which can be generated whenever a user performs an excessive number of activities over a given period of time. Milan Smart Workspace lets you display information relevant to the matter, such as financial and CRM information, portal pages from SharePoint or other web applications, matter teams, ethical wall information, docketing, and best practices templates.
On September 14, Ben and Nancy will illustrate how firms can use Milan technology to:
Milan Advanced Analytics and Activity Monitoring
• Create queries to automatically report on iManage work history
• Design queries that include graphs
• Share links to query results and graphs with other users
• Setup and configure reports for various types of activity
Milan Smart Workspace
• Display results from Milan Analytics and certain queries within
each workspace
• Display matter team information within each relevant
• Display information from any third-party webpage within
To learn more or register, visit our webpage: https://www.prosperoware.com/webinar/expand-insight-dms