First fully integrated electronic hearing delivered on U.S. soil by Opus 2

miami-city-1218429-640x480In a first on U.S. soil, London-headquartered litigation services and software development company Opus 2 International has delivered a high tech ‘pop up’ electronic hearing room with shared-party infrastructure to support an international arbitration in Miami.
A second global arbitration serviced by Opus 2 and sitting in New York City has since confirmed.
The multi-day Miami hearing, details of which are confidential but which involve “two mega global firms”, was unprecedented in the U.S. because both parties shared the same services, including state-of-the-art technical configurations, evidence presentation and digital bundle software, resulting in greater efficiency and lower spend.
Graham Smith-Bernal, founder and CEO, Opus 2, said: “Though this state-of-the-art technology is used for nearly all major litigation in the UK and international arbitration worldwide, I am pleased that we can now support arbitrations being heard in the US with the same advantages. Our goal is to build momentum for the Opus 2 hearing room of the future not only in the US, but in jurisdictions around the world.”
The arbitration was underpinned by Opus 2 Magnum, a private, cloud-based workspace from which litigators, co-counsel and experts share transcripts, key documents, exhibits, video and research and collaborate on work product for deposition and trial preparation.