Morae Legal Launches New Cloud-Based Service Bureau

Morae Legal, an end-to-end legal consulting and solutions provider, today announces the launch of its eDiscovery service bureau, an innovative offering providing a breadth of services across the eDiscovery spectrum from collection to review to production. With its goal to transform the legal industry, Morae Legal is continuing to push the bounds of innovation by establishing a fully cloud-based offering, enabling disruptive service delivery and pricing models that will transform the eDiscovery domain.
Aligning with Morae Legal’s broader information governance approach, this service bureau is public utility cloud-based, which provides an enterprise eDiscovery solution that closely aligns with trending corporate IT strategy and data security postures. This approach is highly scalable (both up and down) and supports cross-border data privacy compliance through rapid geographic deployment. Morae Legal’s fully cloud-based deployment strategy provides a high degree of flexibility and allows it to offer unique, disruptive service arrangements and associated pricing.
“By deploying our service bureau platforms exclusively in a public utility cloud environment, we immediately realize and pass along the inherent economics, scale, security and speed,” says Jeff Seymour, Morae Legal’s President of Information and Discovery Management. “We believe our service bureau offers clients a significant cost reduction, while providing a more powerful and capable solution supporting the most advanced analytics and processes. In addition to the inherent savings derived from using the service bureau, there are significant cost savings related to document review.”
Morae Legal’s objective is to drive the eDiscovery solution paradigm. The service bureau solution is based on Morae Legal’s deployment of market-leading platforms and utilities that align with its innovative solution framework. To support its services, Morae Legal has partnered with three platform leaders: Relativity, Servient and Brainspace. These partnerships will allow Morae Legal to provide a range of solutions and tailor its flexible service arrangements to key client drivers.
“We are delighted to formalize our alliance with Morae Legal,” says Ian Wilson, CEO of Servient. “Morae Legal’s vision to bundle its industry-leading eDiscovery expertise with Servient’s modern data architecture and sophisticated machine learning technology provides clients with a next generation eDiscovery solution, leveraging the efficiency, scale and cost savings of the cloud.”
As a Relativity partner, Morae Legal will solely use kCura’s upcoming cloud product, RelativityOne. “We’re excited to welcome Morae Legal as a Relativity partner,” says Andrew Sieja, President and CEO of kCura. “We’ve always developed Relativity to be a platform for building any type of offering, taking advantage of its platform capabilities to create unique solutions and integrate other applications for a comprehensive experience during and around eDiscovery. We look forward to working with Morae Legal as it strives to provide a great eDiscovery experience for its own customers.”
“Today, more than 90 percent of all cases are settling prior to trial,” says Dave Copps, CEO of Brainspace. “By integrating Brainspace technology within its innovative solution framework, Morae Legal continues to shift analytics to the left of the eDiscovery process, reducing costs and enabling informed judgments more efficiently than ever before.”