Janders Dean enters exclusive partnership with The Legal Forecast

brisbane-city-1224474-639x426Janders Dean has entered into an exclusive partnership with The Legal Forecast, a not-for-profit organisation that encourages students and professionals in Australia to consider the role of innovation in improving the practice of law.
Janders Dean, whose founder Justin North has been appointed to the organisation’s advisory board, will provide both financial and advisory mentoring.
Founded in 2015, The Legal Forecast’s mission is to facilitate a conversation at the grassroots level of the legal industry regarding the future of the legal profession, and how access to justice can be improved by technology and innovation. Currently Brisbane–based, The Legal Forecast will be expanding to Sydney, Canberra and Perth in early 2017.
“The intersection of innovation and law is not just about buzzwords and billing practices. It’s about finding new and affordable ways to provide legal help to those who need it most in our community” said Milan Gandhi of The Legal Forecast.
“There are few that have demonstrated their true understanding of this, while also taking action to drive and support real change in the industry, with Janders Dean being one of the leaders of the few. We’re looking forward to this partnership and working together with Justin and the team.”
 “They pretty much had us at hello,” said North. “In a time when the industry is being swamped with fear mongering and clickbait around various transformation activities, it is rare that you come across such a well organised team of young professionals who all share such a clear vision to collectively and selflessly focus their efforts on providing benefits to others in the community.”
The Legal Forecast will be announcing a number of events and initiatives in the coming months to build on the success of its Disrupting Law event, and will also be participating in the 2017 Janders Dean APAC Legal Innovation Index and the upcoming series of Janders Dean Legal Horizons events