Staff-led expansion of Workshare into Pérez-Llorca

Pérez-Llorca, an independent law firm with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, London and New York have recently expanded their rollout of Workshare to an additional 75 staff due to positive feedback received from the firm’s other staff. The expansion of Workshare within Pérez-Llorca is another example of the continued growth of Workshare 9, which now supports more than 180,000 users worldwide.
Feedback from existing Workshare users at Pérez-Llorca was collated via user sessions. In particular, staff saw value from recent improvements, including automatic notification of changes in documents and the simplicity of categorizing changes making them easier to work with. This led the firm to work with Workshare’s partner, LexSoft, and then obtain and deploy the additional seats.
Rafael Madero, Pérez-Llorca’s CIO, said, “We were happy to increase our Workshare licenses as staff are finding lots of value in the latest version. IT at Pérez-Llorca plays a key role in enabling staff to get work in the most efficient and time saving way possible and staff finding value from one of the systems gives us, in IT, a clear indicator we are choosing and deploying the right software.”
The firm works in an innovate, agile way to meet the needs of their customers in line with market trends. With more than than 30 years’ experience in the Spanish market, the firm focuses on providing high-quality legal services that protect the significant transactions entrusted to them by their clients.
Barrie Hadfield, Workshare CTO, commenting about the momentum of Workshare’s growth said, “Never since our original release of DeltaView in 1999 has a version been so rapidly deployed and we’re hugely excited that Pérez-Llorca’s have continued to selected us as their preferred platform of choice.”
With more than 15 years of experience, two million professionals in 70 countries now use Workshare on their desktop, mobile or tablet. For more information visit