Lex Machina unveils law firm and judges comparator apps

Silicon Valley-headquartered legal analytics company Lex Machina will today (20 September) unveil two new applications that instantly compare the court results and performance of both law firms and courts and judges in the U.S.
Lex Machina, which was acquired by LexisNexis in November 2015, has launched a Courts & Judges Comparator and Law Firms Comparator app.
Building on its software-as-a-service Legal Analytics platform, lawyers will be able to compare up to four law firms between specified years, measuring data such as wins, damages, or settlements obtained. The tool also opens up the possibility of corporate counsel using the data to compare law firms in their selection process.
LawFirmComparator1 (002)
The Courts and Judges Comparator app enables lawyers for the plaintiff (claimant in the UK) to compare up to four federal districts and judges with regard to caseloads, timing to key milestones, case resolutions, specific findings, and the level of damages awarded, with a view to selecting the district most likely to provide a favourable outcome in the shortest time.
Defense counsel can use the app to make data-driven decisions about whether or not to pursue a transfer of venue and, if so, to which district.
“Leading law firms and legal departments increasingly rely on data to make sound legal and business decisions and develop winning case strategies,” said Josh Becker (pictured on the home page), Lex Machina’s CEO. “Now attorneys have the power to compare courts, judges, and law firms at the push of a button. Our new Comparator Apps make Legal Analytics easy, enabling lawyers to compare different legal entities, and to unlock strategic insights within seconds.”
Lex Machina will launch the new Comparator Apps during a live webcast on September 22, 2016. To participate or register in advance, see http://pages.lexmachina.com/Webcast_Apps-Launch-915_.html