Prosperoware’s Ben Weinberger Leads ILTA-Sponsored Session at ARMA Live! September 27th

Prosperoware, a leading enterprise software company delivering innovative technology that’s transforming legal and professional services invites you to join Vice President of Solutions, Ben Weinberger, on Tuesday, September 27th, at 10:55am when he will present an ILTA-sponsored panel session at ARMA International Expo: “How Security and IG (Information Governance) Can Live Together in Perfect Harmony.” Ben will be joined by Terry Coan, senior director for HBR Consulting, and Faron Lyons of Zia Consulting.
Security policies can reinforce IG imperatives, and good IG should be part of your security assessments to make it easier to meet your security goals and satisfy your risk managers and clients. Prosperoware’s Milan InfoGov (IG) is the industry’s most comprehensive Confidentiality Management and Ethical Wall platform. Its innovative architecture compartmentalizes data and teams to enable firms to secure information, inserting a central control mechanism for determining security across systems by limiting access to data to only those authorized. Milan IG is specifically designed to accommodate today’s firms with their fluid and dynamic teams without increasing the burden on Risk or IT teams by including innovative self-service features and the ability for delegate decision-making.
In this session, you’ll learn how to satisfy the goals of your clients, general counsel, records managers, and technologists by aligning your IG and security policies so they complement one another and advance your firm’s strategic goals.
Attend this session to learn how to:
1. Describe security issues that impact IG
2. Explain how security and IG can work together in your firm
3. Align strategic goals and security goals with IG
To learn more or register, visit our webpage: