iManage Releases Records Manager 6.4

iManage today announced the latest version of its market-leading records management product, iManage Records Manager 6.4.

In response to user feedback, Records Manager 6.4 has been enhanced with new functionality designed to increase user satisfaction and streamline multiple aspects of records management — saving customers time and money, while enhancing security and reducing overall risk.

Part of iManage Work Product Management, iManage Govern Records Manager is the leading system used by professionals to manage and govern records of all types — including physical files, electronic documents, and emails. Over half a million professionals, support staff, and governance managers globally use iManage Records Manager today.

One of the new features in Records Manager is a migration toolkit to assist customers that want to migrate from products like Autonomy Records Manager or OpenText Records Management, LegalKEY that have reached end-of-life or do not currently have a forward path of development.

These migration tools will be provided to iManage partners, and will greatly reduce the cost and complexity of the data migration process for customers, enabling organizations to modernize their records and governance platforms to access new features and help address changing requirements.

Beyond migration tools, the latest release of Records Manager also includes over 20 key usability enhancements, driven by user feedback gathered from the iManage Records Manager User Group.

“Being a member of the user group allowed me to provide input on which new features are most important to people like myself, who are responsible for information governance at their firms,” said Melvin Baskin, director of information governance at Dewberry, a leading provider of architectural, engineering, and consulting services. “I’m very much looking forward to the enhancements in the new release of Records Manager, and the benefits they can bring.”

iManage Records Manager 6.4 refreshes the user experience by modernizing the look and feel of the product so that it is more consistent with Windows 10 and other modern office applications like Microsoft Office 2016.

Additionally, the product has addressed DPI scaling issues, so that text and other graphical elements display crisply and correctly when viewed on high-resolution screens. For customers, this means more flexibility and choice: no matter what type of device they use, they can be assured of an optimal user experience.

To further enhance usability and productivity, iManage Records Manager 6.4 also now offers external warehouse support for Iron Mountain and any warehousing vendors running the RS-SQL product from O’Neil Software.

This means that users can now perform several operations — such as requesting a physical file or box stored at an external warehouse, or requesting to return that item to the warehouse — from within iManage Records Manager, rather than having to use a separate software package. This integration reduces the amount of time it takes for busy professionals to get their hands on the information they need to do their best work.

Lastly, Records Manager 6.4 adds a disposition workflow module that automates the defensible disposition of records that have reached their disposition date. This functionality is available as an add-on component.

A smoother disposition workflow allows firms to better enforce retention policies around their critical work product. More than helping firms save on storage costs, it helps them reduce the risk of over-retention. As recent security breaches have shown, holding on to sensitive data for too long can leave firms and their clients exposed to unnecessary risk that can be avoided through proper governance.

“Disposition workflow was the single most requested feature from our user group,” said Ian Raine, senior director of product management at iManage. “Now, we’re delivering on that, with a module that eliminates the headaches of manual disposition processes, while capturing approvals at all stages to provide a complete audit trail. Together with the migration tools and usability enhancements, these features take our market-leading records management product and make it even better for customers who want to increase productivity and effectiveness while ensuring compliance and managing risk.”

iManage Records Manager 6.4, an iManage Work Product Management solution, will be generally available in October 2016.