jEugene Announces Quality Assurance Solution for Law Firms

Philadelphia, PA — jEugene has announced the release of Compass, a drafting quality assurance solution that protects law firms from reputational and financial damages by combining attorneys’ deal-specific knowledge with machine learning technology.
“Compass transforms documents into a richly interactive format, applies attorneys’ legal know-how to detect potential issues, and generates results with industry-leading speed and accuracy. It is a powerful solution that attorneys will actually use,” said Colin Angevine, COO of jEugene.
In an internal study conducted by the company, 70% of publicly disclosed legal documents reviewed by Compass are found to contain substantive mistakes that result from the failure to follow an important industry update. In the same study, users of Compass report higher confidence in the quality of their documents and significant time saving — up to 3 hours fewer for each complex document reviewed through Compass.
“Some drafting mistakes are embarrassing; others fatal. Law firms need an end-to-end solution that assures quality for the full cycle of legal review, drafting and proofreading. Only Compass delivers,” said Harry Zhou, CEO of jEugene.
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About jEugene
jEugene was founded by Harry Zhou, an attorney with the belief that intelligent technology can help legal professionals improve their quality of life. With backing from Silicon Valley’s Y Combinator, jEugene’s team now includes some of the best engineers and legal minds in the country and produces solutions that AmLaw 20 firms, corporate legal departments and small practices rely on for drafting quality assurance.
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