Prosperoware’s Keith Lipman to Speak on the Future of Effective Legal Sales at LMA Tech West – October 6th, 11:15am

Prosperoware, a leading enterprise software company delivering innovative technology transforming the business of legal and professional services, today announces that company president, Keith Lipman, will speak at the 2016 Legal Marketing Technology Conference/West on: “Bringing your CRM Data, Legal Expertise and Pricing Data Together: The Future of Effective Legal Sales.” The conference will be held in San Francisco starting Wednesday, October 5th through Thursday, October 6th. Keith’s session will be on Thursday, October 6th at 11:15am.

Over the last decade, responding to RFPs and pitching for legal business has changed. Legal operations and procurement departments have become key constituents on the client-side, and they are asking for and expecting more data-driven information.

Firms that capture and track opportunities and leverage integrated business development and pricing team workflow will be better equipped to respond faster and more effectively than those relying on disparate processes and systems, therefore, gaining a valuable competitive advantage. This is Opportunity Management.

Opportunity Management is the set of processes, analytics, and practices required to successfully pursue and win new business. It starts with targeting a new client, or new matter for an existing client, and proceeds through the sales cycle. Winning new business using an opportunity management process requires law firm partners to develop their skills to understand client requirements and influence client buying decisions.

Umbria Experience is a data-first platform which enables each of the process steps, combining both internal and external data to build a comprehensive knowledgebase of the firm’s experience, creating a complete taxonomy from existing rich data repositories, including time entries, to organize and evaluate information critical to the firm. This data ranges from industry successes, budgets, biographical information, and specific experience to courts, judges, lawyers, staff, vendors, clients, and prospects.

Features include:

• Capture, track, and utilize comprehensive metadata about all
clients, matters, and people
• Create profiles across a variety of entities, including matters,
lawyers, staff, clients, targets, vendors, and external
• Integrated firm directory with key details, including expertise
• Experience scoring to identify appropriate resources
• Marketing profile tracking and exporting
• Rich search capabilities and flexible data export
• Integrate workflow to gather actionable data from multiple

Over time, this data allows the firm to learn from its experience while continuing to win profitable business. Clients – and law firm partners – can benefit from this beneficial cycle of learning and applying the insights from analysis.

Keith Lipman, President of Prosperoware, comments, “The world for legal services has changed—and has caused the law firm business model to evolve toward a profit-oriented, rather than revenue-focused model. What this means is that firms now must identify from the onset of any engagement what matter profitability looks like and how it will be effectuated. These are new skill-sets and require new technology to unify siloed intelligence—and done well, can ensure law firms’ success. This is an exciting discussion and we’re looking forward to it.”

To learn more about the LMA Tech West conference and Keith’s session, visit this webpage,