Vound Releases Intella 2.0 Adds Bitcoin Crypto Currency Detection + New Cloud Sources to eDiscovery Solutions

Global vendor of eDiscovery, forensic search, and early case assessment technologies, Vound, announces it has released Intella 2.0 of the flagship Intella range of comprehensive eDiscovery and digital investigation software solutions, as well as the web-enabled, Intella Connect 2.0. The new releases substantially expand Intella’s feature set to include innovative Bitcoin crypto currency detection, several leading cloud sources – Dropbox, Office 365 (incl. OneDrive), SharePoint, and Gmail – skin tone analysis, restructured UX, and significantly improved search result times within the same cost-effective platform.

Emerging technologies including Bitcoin and cloud sources are becoming mainstreamed and increasingly accepted as payment for services and file sharing respectively, causing the need for detection. Many large organizations–including leading international law firm Steptoe & Johnson–recently announced acceptance of Bitcoin payments while banking giant, Wells Fargo, announced their development of a blockchain banking prototype. According to Gartner which ranks Dropbox in the Magic Quadrant for file sharing platforms, Dropbox has more than 500 million registered users and nearly 200,000 business customers, including 52% of the Fortune 500.

EDiscovery costs are under tremendous scrutiny across industries while data and data types continue to proliferate. In a recent ACEDs survey, both data proliferation and budgetary constraints were the two top noted challenges faced by professionals tasked with these functions (at 28% and 28.6% respectively), followed by survey respondents noting they were spending too much time on eDiscovery (17.7%). In a highly cost-sensitive environment, there is significant pressure to identify powerful solutions which can produce quick and accurate results.

The necessities in forensic search and analysis of electronic evidence including these emerging technologies, however, are evergreen: accuracy, speed and simplicity. Intella suite of products dramatically reduce the time, expense and personnel needed for each case by enabling users to get right to the critical data early on in the process in e-discovery, investigations and audits.

Highlights of the newly released Intella 2.0 and Intella Connect 2.0 also include:

• Geolocation results view, showing the geographic locations of search results eg. based on GPS data.
• Histogram results view, showing the date distribution of search results.
• Review tab, for convenient viewing of all items in a set.
• Indexing of virtual machine images (VMDK and VHD formats).
• Completely redesigned user interface for importing load files.
• Indexing performance improvements, both raw indexing time and when adding additional data to a case.
• Added regular expression-based detection of text patterns, e.g. bank account numbers. A Regular Expression Assistant is included for constructing the expressions, together with a library of pre-defined expressions.
• Added several table columns, e.g. covering the number of recipients of emails and other communications, passwords and certificates of decrypted items, and others.
• Added a Recipient Count facet.
• Refined the classification of embedded items, and consequently improved the suppression of irrelevant items using this improved classification.

Intella is a powerful forensic and ediscovery search tool. Intella can process and search a wide range of forensic images and other data types such as email, documents, attachments, embedded images, archives and metadata.

Intella’s user interface presents an intuitive search that requires little to no training and subsequently allows an individual to examine indexed data. Intella’s unique cluster map technology also presents a graphical representation of joint and disjoint keyword correlations whereby users can click on a graphic representation to immediately narrow search results presenting the most relevant data for review by investigators.

Peter Mercer, Chief Technology Officer of Vound, says “Our Intella development team designs from the customers’ standpoint so we are focused on increasing user efficiency and delivering a higher return on their investment. The purpose of every feature in our software is primarily to make the customer’s job easier, and the new release of Intella continues to meet that standard.”

*Bitcoin applications include Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Multibit Classic and Multibit HD, and cloud sources include Dropbox, Office 365 (incl. OneDrive), SharePoint, and Gmail