Mogin Law Firm Selects iManage Cloud for Work Product Management

iManage today announced that The Mogin Law Firm PC, a California-based firm that specializes in competition litigation including antitrust, unfair competition, trade secret, complex business and investment cases — has selected iManage Cloud for its Work Product Management needs. After evaluating offerings from multiple vendors, including NetDocuments, the firm was won over by several different aspects of the iManage Cloud solution, including its flexibility and functionality.
“Some of our professionals prefer a web interface when working on critical documents, and some prefer a classic desktop interface,” said Steven Ejercito, litigation support manager at The Mogin Law Firm. “We liked the fact that iManage Cloud would allow our users to work in whatever environment they were most comfortable in; that flexibility was a major differentiator from NetDocuments. iManage Cloud also offered more streamlined email management capabilities. The firm serves a select clientele of businesses, entrepreneurs, high net worth parties and investors in cases nationwide, so if we can save our people a few extra clicks every time they need to file an email, that’s a plus — and it makes us a more productive organization.”
With iManage Cloud, The Mogin Law Firm will gain on-demand access to iManage Work for document and email management and iManage Share for secure file collaboration — through a low monthly subscription fee. The firm has led some of the largest antitrust cases in the United States and is frequently engaged by other law firms, so being able to securely collaborate with co-counsel and clients is very important. Confidential data is secured by advanced functionality including multi-factor authentication, robust password policies, and customer managed encryption keys — sometimes referred to as BYOK, or Bring Your Own Key. Additionally, every iManage Cloud customer has their own private cloud with data segregation — so there’s no co-mingling of data with that of other customers.
To assist in the migration from its current solution to iManage Cloud, The Mogin Law Firm is working with LANSolutions LLC, a provider of strategic managed services for businesses in California and Hawaii, and a long-time implementation partner for iManage.
“By moving to iManage Cloud, The Mogin Law Firm is gaining a single application platform to manage engagements from start to finish — all on the industry’s most modern and best-performing cloud,” said Dan Carmel, iManage chief marketing officer. “Our focused efforts to bring vision and innovation to Work Product Management are delivering powerful solutions for the changing professional landscape.”