Prosperoware’s President, Keith Lipman, to speak at Knowledge Management conference

Prosperoware, a leading enterprise software company delivering innovative technology transforming the business of legal and professional services, today announces its sponsorship of the Annual Knowledge Management in the Legal Profession conference. Company president, Keith Lipman, will co-lead an educational session, “New Law Firm Roles & Functions: How do they Complement and/or Compete with the Knowledge Management Function?” with Linda Novosel, Chief Pricing & LPM Officer at Steptoe & Johnson LLP at 1:00 pm ET. The conference event will be held Wednesday, October 26th-27 at the New York Law School in Manhattan.
The majority of law firms struggle between long standing cultural norms and evolving to a data driven business environment. As law firms confront this evolution, there is a tangible opportunity to leverage the vast repositories of intelligence traditionally siloed in firms’ data repositories to create value, efficiency and increase profitability in the delivery of legal services.
Company president, Keith Lipman, will co-lead the educational session “New Law Firm Roles & Functions: How do they Complement and/or Compete with the Knowledge Management Function?” on Wednesday, October 26th at 1pm with Linda Novosel, Chief Pricing &LPM Officer at Steptoe & Johnson. The session will focus on how and why some of these new functions came to be and then discuss and debate specific questions, such as:
• LPM and Pricing: who owns it and where should it sit within firm structure?
• LPM vs. KM: how are they the same/ how are they different?
• How does Business Development factor into matter economics and pricing?
• And how do we embed KM into these new support structures such that it is not a separate department or function but an integral part of the standard processes and workflows that run the legal service delivery machine?
Prosperoware Umbria matter management platform is the industry’s most innovative, core infrastructure which unites the intelligence of law firm leadership and attorneys with their knowledge management, business development, pricing, finance, and human resources teams and provides real-time, actionable data that improves the firm’s performance and builds client relationships from opportunity through matter delivery.
Umbria encourages better decision-making by delivering a transparent and comprehensive view into the full scope of every matter. Umbria’s key performance metrics can be used to identify profitable new business, build trust with clients, deliver better service, and ensure consistent, profitable management of matters through monitoring the ongoing financial health of matters—at the simple touch of a button.
Keith Lipman, President of Prosperoware, comments, “The new mandate for law firms is to deliver quality matters at the expected price. A great deal of work and business intelligence is required to meet the new and heightened expectations of clients, and to do such while ensuring the firm’s own profitability. We are looking forward to an excellent discussion during the conference, as well as to offering the industry’s most innovative solution—Umbria.”