FRONTEO Simplifies eDiscovery Business Planning with the Introduction of ROI Analyzer

FRONTEO USA, Inc., a leading provider of global eDiscovery, managed review solutions and big data analysis services utilizing artificial intelligence technology, today announced the initial release of its FRONTEO ROI Analyzer.
The new FRONTEO ROI Analyzer was designed to help law firms and corporations develop effective business plans and budgets for eDiscovery projects. “Truly effective cost management in eDiscovery results from data-driven decisions and optimizing the mix of law firm resources and managed review services,” said Richard Dilgren, International Director, Data Science & Strategy at FRONTEO USA. “ROI Analyzer was designed to meet that need.”
The ROI Analyzer is an easy to use application, available at no cost on the FRONTEO USA website. The tool utilizes user inputs about project deadlines, pace of review, and workflow selections such as email threading, predictive coding, quality control methods and other variables. User entry of project elements can be completed in just a few minutes. The resulting ROI Analyzer business plan and summary report provides projected time and cost estimates for law firm resources as well as FRONTEO managed review services, and the number of reviewers required to complete the project by the target date.
The ROI Analyzer then allows the user to adjust variables to further optimize the business plan and budget by comparing workflow options. Use of predictive coding, email threading, or shifting the allocation of resources between the document review team and FRONTEO managed review services team are all variable selections that can reduce the cost of review.
“Clients who have previewed the tool have told us how critical data transparency is for effective management of litigation support,” said Margaret Shaw Lilani, SVP, Global Review Services at FRONTEO USA. She added, “the FRONTEO ROI Analyzer is a powerful pre-case planning tool that helps clients make realistic business plans and improve control of eDiscovery project costs.”
Legal professionals are invited to use the ROI Analyzer, available on the FRONTEO USA website and at For assistance in building an eDiscovery business plan and budget, contact FRONTEO at