Peppermint Seminars: Transform Client Service.

Birmingham – 17 Nov
Manchester – 6 Dec
Join us for a morning seminar to hear how Steve Savage, Development Director at Gosschalks shares with us:
• How he successfully managed the firm’s technology change management project
• The major wins the right technology can deliver, such as:
– ‘Achieving the seemingly impossible’ client service
– Speed up central processes
– Simplified infrastructure
– Cost reductions
– Revenue wins
You will also hear from renowned legal tech guru, Kaye Sycamore, on how to differentiate your firm and gain a competitive advantage by delivering an excellent CX (Customer eXperience). This presentation will be centred around examples of how technology can facilitate this.
And finally, we will discuss the real benefits that being cloud-based will deliver to your firm, and address those common concerns about security, resilience and control. This discussion will be led by Peppermint & Microsoft partner, Pulsant.
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