Zylpha’s new partnership with iManage to bring in Adobe Sign capability

Acrobat Adobe esignatureDocument bundling provider Zylpha has announced a new partnership with iManage, as part of which it is working on an integration with Adobe Sign for e-Signatures.
The pair have had an integration since January but, according to founder and managing director Tim Long, the partnership will enable them to extend the work they are doing fairly significantly.
Going forward, Zylpha will be able to provide integration between iManage and other systems, the first of which will be Adobe Sign, which is already in the pre-release phase.
The integration will mean that users can not only add files to a bundle from within their own file structures and within a secure, password protected environment but they can get documents signed through private encrypted networks. 
In a press release yesterday (3 November) Joe Combs, iManage’s EMEA channel partners director said: “We are delighted that Zylpha has now become a partner, especially as electronic bundling and eSignature systems are increasingly seen as key technology for legal and financial services teams. We are looking forward to exploring the potential opportunities of working together and sharing innovative ideas.”