Ascertus offers 90 day ‘try before you buy’ support for iManage Work

ascertus-directorsAscertus is offering 90 day, no obligation ‘try before you buy’ support for iManage Work clients looking for a new support partner in the UK and across Europe.
The London-headquartered company is one of iManage’s largest partners in Europe and sales director Jon Wainwright (pictured on the left, with founder and CEO Roy Russell) said in an announcement this morning (8 November): “This new ‘try before you buy’ offer to law firms is a reflection of our confidence in our support and maintenance capabilities.
“We have been providing support to iManage Work users for over 11 years. We are a big enough organisation to deliver against the most stringent, individually tailored support agreements to the largest customers; and yet small enough to give every single business account, regardless of their size, the highest level of care.”
With iManage’s partner relationship with Tikit still in a state of flux, after Tikit in June announced a global partnership with DMS rival NetDocuments, the timing of the announcement is shrewd, albeit that ‘try before you buy’ sounds a bit like something you might hear in a bakery.
Ascertus, which founder Roy Russell bought back from Huron Legal in 2014, has been steadily growing its customer base, announcing in July 2016 that it has grown its new customer base by 15% and increased business with existing customers by 25%.
The company has recently broadened its product offering by formally partnering with digital signatures software provider, DocuSign; template management solutions provider, Iphelion; and e-billing and legal spend management software provider, BusyLamp. You can read about its deployment of iManage Work at Shepherd and Wedderburn here.