Prosperoware to Co-Lead “The Business of Data Analytics and BI” and “Security Roundtable” Sessions at ILTA INSIGHT, London 17 November

Prosperoware, a leading enterprise software company delivering innovative technology transforming the business of legal and professional services, today announces its sponsorship of ILTA INSIGHT, a one-day, peer-developed legal technology conference in London being held on Thursday, November 17th. VP of Solutions, Ben Weinberger, will be speaking on “The Business of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence” alongside Chief Information Officer of Winston & Strawn, David Cunningham, and Director of Deloitte Consulting, Paul Davies at 2:45pm as well as co-hosting a Security Roundtable with Jon Segger, Information Security Manager at Linklaters, at 11:15am.
Making informed, data-driven decisions is crucial to a firm’s success – and there’s opportunity to leverage intelligence to improve all facets of firm operations, including pricing, project management, and profitability. The panel discussion at 2:45pm will focus on real world challenges, tactics, and technology to take advantage of this data and apply the appropriate analytics to help firms succeed.
Prosperoware Umbria is the industry’s only data-first practice management platform, integrating business intelligence from firms’ disparate data repositories to empower processes including budgeting and pricing as well as matter delivery and LPM to help achieve sustainable profitability.
The Security Roundtable at 11:15am will focus on trending cybersecurity topics as well as changing firm culture and security awareness to prepare for breaches. Since the 2016 Panama Paper incident, clients have begun demanding that access to their data be limited to only those working on their matters. With the GDPR and now pending regulation in the U.S., this specific requirement will soon be mandated.
Milan InfoGov (“IG”) is the industry’s only Confidentiality Management and Information Barrier platform designed specifically to address today’s security challenges. Unlike legacy Ethical Wall products, Milan IG’s modern architecture enables data to be compartmentalized – secured to the smallest group needed to service each matter – without the need for IT and Risk Team intervention–to simultaneously meet the needs of both the client and the firm.
Ben Weinberger comments, “Firms can no longer operate in ‘open’ access environments and must now properly secure and limit access to client data while still making strategic choices to ensure long-term profitability. I’m looking forward to participating in these important discussions and contributing to the dialogue of this peer-driven event.”